Jory Cunningham

I’m an experienced front-end web developer and UI System Designer with a passion for in-browser design. I’m skilled at using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create beautiful things, including an expertise in responsive design and progressive enhancement techniques.

I specialize in creating high-performance front-end experiences with easy-to-maintain and rock-solid code at their core. I love collaborating with designers and strategists to envision new experiences in-browser and inspire each other to greatness. I believe that getting into the browser as soon as possible is the key to efficiently building best-of-class user experiences.

I am currently a Design Director for American Express Product Design, where I lead the Experience Technologist team. We design and build top-shelf responsive web experiences for a variety of products including American Express Serve and Gift Cards, WalMart Bluebird, and Target Prepaid RedCard.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, SASS, LESS, AngularJS, Ember, NodeJS, PHP, Ruby on Rails, responsive design, and front-end performance optimization.